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Tier 1 Fitness

Tier 1 Fitness is Eastern North Carolina’s Premier Athletic Conditioning, Fitness and Combat Sports Training Center. Located in Greenville, we offer comprehensive classes in aerobic and strength conditioning, athletic development, combat sports (including BJJ, Catch Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and Wrestling), and Nutrition/Health and Wellness. All of our classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors. Our world-class facility offers a full range of strength and conditioning equipment by Sorinex, Hammer Strength, Troy, Paramount, MuscleDriver USA and more.

We also are proud to serve our members with Kettlebells, power lifting equipment, ‘Strongman’ implements, sport-specific training equipment, and a fully equipped cross-training floor with medicine balls, bands, bars, and bumper plates. Tier 1 Fitness is proud to offer a 20’x20′ Competition MMA/Boxing Ring and a Grappling/Wrestling/MMA mat room with a Floor Cage.

Our core philosophy is based on the fact that all athletes, be they 8 or 80 years of age, need to have a strong base of general physical preparedness. We offer our members the opportunity to build that strong foundation and to utilize it to develop the joint mobility, strength, speed, and power to achieve their athletic and fitness goals.

Whether your goal is to overcome injury, lose weight and improve overall health, improve athletic performance, or compete at a world class level; we can help you succeed.

  • Zed says:

    I think this place is filled with clowns. i train and i know.

  • Bryan W says:

    Went to this gym on a Monday during operating hours as advertised on the front door. The door was locked, and a guy was in there lifting. I knocked on the window trying to see the gym, but he just looked at me and continued lifting like a punk. I heard bad things about this place beforehand and this only proved it.

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